Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Smart Parts Ion Paintball Gun

The Smart Parts Ion Paintball gun really redefined the way manufacturers build paintball guns. The Smart Parts Ion paintball gun was among the first high performance paintball guns to come with a small price tag. The Smart Parts Ion has so many features that use to be only on high end, high priced guns. It is light, efficient, fast, easy to use, accurate, and highly customizable.

Lets start off with the weight, the Smart Parts Ion only weighs in at 2.2 pounds! That is a very light gun. The lightest guns on today's market are just under 2.0 pounds so you can see that this is very close. Next, the Ion is capable of shooting up to 17 balls per second! That is fast enough to keep up with the most expensive guns on the market. Not only that, but most fields and tournaments have a cap of 13-15bps! Never will you not have enough fire power with the Ion.

Another great feature about the Ion that you won't find on many guns for this price is the efficiency and accuracy. The Smart Parts Ion paintball gun is capable of reaching 1400 shots off of a 68/4500 air tank and that is stock! Because of the way the Ion operates it reduces the amount of kick and therefore helps out with accuracy even more. Smart Parts has been known for making some of the best and most accurate guns and they really incorporated that into the Ion.